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Maria Schneider encouraging copyright abuse #WTFU

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Sometimes you get people who are self-centred and do not care how their ideas will disadvantage other people, so today we will go through some points made by Maria Schneider about copyright and why she is wrong.


From the section “Common Sense Solutions,”:

I asked YouTube nicely to reform its ways when I testified before Congress, offering several key ways to even the playing field and stop destroying musicians and other creators. But They've not only ignored me (and many others like me), they've since turned up the heat and made an even greater mockery of the 'safe harbor' rules.

So taking down a video immediately is not enough for you?

As YouTube already immediately take down videos without fucking evidence that it was infringing on copyright, but we will get to that next.

A. Takedown should mean stay-down.

In this area they are false takedowns by feminists and SJW’s because they disagree with your opinion or for background music without considering fair use.

Takedown and stay down would mean the only comeback to a false claim would mean going to court witch is not financially possible for most people to do, meaning anyone without a lot of money could see their freedom of speech taken away just because the claimant disagrees with their opinion and meaning that only rich fucks will have freedom of speech.

B. There should be mandatory checkpoints and education on the upload, with language created by the U.S Office of Copyright, as well as a required signed perjury statement on the upload. Parity between upload and takedown is only logical and only fair.

So you want to force people to go to classes before they can make any content? And what would have to learn and would an awful organization like MPAA and RIAA be making the lessons?

You could take anyone stealing videos to court if you want, so parity already exists.

C. All sites with uploaded content should have to use the latest fingerprinting technology where creators can enter their work for the purpose of protecting it, not for the purpose of being muscled into monetizing it to the benefit of the hosting company.

And what anti-abuse systems would there be or would it be a case of the copyright holder is always right and can do anything they want with no consequences and no appeals,

And how would fair use work in this idea as you have to consider fair use before a takedown.

D. Stop the public display of the copyright holder's identity when they do a takedown.

This is going to lead to copyright abuse as companies will be able to abuse the DMCA with no evidence of that wrongdoing,

Sounds like the MPAA/RIAA wet dream.


Final Thoughts:

Her suggestion is an awful idea that destroys accountability when filing takedowns, which encourages them to abuse the copyright to takedown criticism of their product.

The #WTFU campaign was set up because of the bullshit copyright abuse.

Link to PDF of her side

Published: 18th of May 2016

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