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Lefties Protesting Against Democracy

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So what do you think the left wing response losing a referendum?

Do they accept the result or do they act like babies and protest democracy?

Of Course they protest just because they lost the vote but of course the people protesting do not care about things like democracy or they would just accept the result.

But the real question is why did Remain lose and the answer to that is that the voter turnout for young people was really poor in fact it was disgusting how few young people cared about voting and then throwing a tantrum because they did not win.

Finel Pre-referendum by Sky data, showing turn out by age groups as; 18-24: 36%, 25-34: 58%, 35-44: 72%, 45-54: 75% and 65+: 83%
YouGov/Politico exit poll showing 'EU REFERENDUM VOTE BY AGE GROUPS'. They are; 18 to 24 at 75% remain and 25% leave, 25 to 49 at 56% remain and 44% leave, 50 to 64 at 44% remain and 56% leave and over 65% at 39% remain and 61% leave.

So only 36% of 18-24-year-olds even turned out to vote when 75% of them wanted to vote remain.

Aka us leave voters actually turned out to vote unlike a lot of remain voter, it is almost like you can make change by being bothered to put in enough effort to walk to a polling station and casting your vote.

The left usually get their own way as they claim to be anti-discrimination but in reality they are just as bad as the far right just going after a different group of people (Straight white males) and of course as they almost always get they own way, the one time they don’t they get pissed off as a lot of them act like young children who have just have been told they cannot get sweets at a supermarket.


Final thoughts:

Maybe instead of protesting you should have voted, but the left never uses logic and will keep being stupid as no one dares challenge them as they try to ruin people’s lives just for disagreeing with them.

Maybe Brexit will make the left wing wake up to reality, but we can only hope that happens.

Published: 3rd of July 2016

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