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Idiotic anti-vaxxers

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Today’s topic is about a type of person who ignores science and risks not only their health but the health of others.That type of person is called an anti-vexer and they act just like the religious when it comes to ignoring facts to suit their ideology.

So today we will go over comments made by anti-vexers and debunking them one at a time.

For comedy reasons, I kicked the hornet’s nest that is the comment section of an anti-vexers video:

Comment written by me; lol, Vaccines are not poison.

They took the bait and provide loads of laughs:

Three YouTube comments. First one written by me was a link to the NHS about vaccine safety. The secound comment  is also from me which respondes to unknown person with 'so you like smallpox?'. The third comment from Dunkilo Stonk is 'I have a bowl of pox every morning'.

So I replied to one of the anti-vexers with a link to the NHS about the subject and as you can see good comebacks is not what anti-vexers are good at.

John Taylor, responding to anameaboveallothers; 99% of pro vaccine posters on the internet are paid.

Citation fucking needed as that is a fucking huge claim to make.

anameaboveallothers, responding to Jerry Switzer; 'certainly not, wouldn't make any sense to insult a fellow anti vax proponent. sorry if i worded that badly. i was referring to the pest worldofmatthew. a shill half wit who is earning a vax injured loved one thru his wickedness. wonder if he is capable of love for a child?'

I see this person is trying to use insults against me and I have never received a payment for anything I have said online.

Here is a table from the WHO showing that poliomyelitis cases have gone down 85.5% since 2000 (Citation select world and all years).

poliomyelitis can only be prevented and not cured so far (prevention in though vaccination).

anameaboveallothers, responding to John Tayor; 'what cash equals a lifetime of one vax injured child? i'd respect a prostitute more than these souless liars.'

This person thinks people who disagree with them are all paid shills lol,

Crazy anti-vexers who think people disagree with them are also soulless liars,

This person is acting like the SJWs who just throw insults at people they don’t like.

Harry Wu, responding to Jerry Switzner; 'I would not worry about Worldofmatthew too much as he is a vaccine pusher. Plus, he denies that vaccines cause any harm because he is a sellout'

Everything that is good can also harm you, it is the value of that thing compared to the risks.

Vaccines have reduced the amount of people affected with many conditions,

Person who disagrees with you = sellout,

How fucking week of an argument.

Harry Wu, responding to me; 'Go say that to those who have suffered from cancer due to the smallpox vaccine that had been contaminated with SV40 virus and how the criminial CDC denies it ever happened.'

Any studies that back up your claim?

As all I could find is an unverified book and websites from conspiracy nuts.

Harry Wu, responding to anameaboveallothers; 'You cannot put a price tag on a child's health. The damage caused by vaccines are not worth the parceived benefit for the child's health in the long term.'

Citation needed, as you are advising a very dangerous idea.

NHS advice on why you should vaccinate your child  

Anti-vexers should have kids, as they are not responsible due to being looney.

Published: 10th of May 2016

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