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Glasgow thought police

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Tweet reading; Think before you post or you receive a visit from us this weekend. Use the internet safely. #thinkbeforeyoupost

So Glasgow police have gone completely mad, We are going to go through the issues of this tweet.

Is it true? People sometimes disagree on what is true.

Is it hurtful? People could claim to be offended just for disagreeing with them, aka people can use it to silence people they do not agree with.

Aka this will lead to dictators, as people will be too scared to speak out.

Is it illegal? The laws in the UK people could call anything illegal.

Is it necessary? So Glasgow police want you arrested for a GIF lol!!!!

Is it kind? Fucking hell, One political party could say the other side is unkind and make a dictatorship.

I think the right name for Glasgow police would be the thought police division of the KGB

Police Scotland logo made to one from the USSR.

Published: 4th of April 2016

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