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For 2023

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As 2022 comes to an, in the following hours. This blog post will go over what happened with the website over the past year and what my plans are for the website are in 2023.

2022 has been an extremely “slow” year for the website, with me writing just 9 blog posts. That is mainly due to me having a bad case of “writer’s block” throughout the year with many articles being scrapped as I did not think of them as being “good enough”, leading to updating this website getting frustrating.

Frustration would also be a good word to describe my personal life, but I will not go much into that in this blog post as that’s unrelated to my plans for the website.

Though, my plans for 2023 will make my website feel more “complete”. Which will include some of the following updates:

1. “Matthew’s Blog” will get more regular posts

The most underutilised section of this website is my personal blog. That has been the case since my first blog post in 2015.

I plan on posting far-more there in 2023, as I have several interesting projects and have some upcoming changes in my personal life.

2. New non-text content

Throughout the past few months, I have been working to bring over my older videos from YouTube to my website. I don’t have the listing page for the complete, but if you visit the “archive” page (lists all articles on this website), you will find several videos.

On top of continuing to bring over more videos (and producing new videos), I am also working on a indie horror game and plan to remaster more audio books. There will also be a real dedicated section for the audiobooks, rather than the current two articles.

3. New Autism section will be created

One of my interests is the Autism Spectrum. I have been meaning to create articles about the online autism community and the challenges that people on the spectrum face. Including, from TikTok fakers. Though, that is not a straightforward thing to do and will take some time to complete.

4. Minor re-design and a new homepage

After the audiobooks and autism sections are complete. I will create a new homepage for the website which will look 100 times better than the current one. I will make some minor design changes during the year. Mainly moving the sidebar to the right and creating a new, much better header with a new logo.

There are more changes planned, but this blog post is already getting long.

Have a happy 2023.

Matthew Morgan

Published: 31st of December 2022

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