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Cyclists Are the Worst. A Perspective From a Pedestrian.

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Cyclist on bike path On the internet, you will see many cycling activists about being innocent travellers opposed by evil vehicle drivers, while some cyclists points about poor infrastructure are true (pedestrian is also complete shit).

However, infrastructure funding is easier when it’s profitable for the government. Vehicle taxes bring in about £32.2bn/year (£7.2bn VED and £25bn in fuel duties). Cyclists demand dedicated, separated and well-maintained bike lanes while contributing nothing to capital or upkeep costs (Cyclists hate it when cycle taxes are suggested).

Cyclists want luxury infrastructure that pedestrians are denied (pavements are barely maintained, tiny slivers of tarmac full of “bump” from lazy patchwork “repairs” after telecom infrastructure upgrades).

The problem is that Cyclists are nasty to Pedestrians. Most Cyclists I’ve seen will drive on the pavement, putting me and other pedestrians in danger.

The shared use paths (legalised pavement riding) have cyclists going above 20MPH, expecting pedestrians to get out of their way.

Even when a pavement Is Pedestrian-use-only, Cyclists don’t give a shit and will ride on it. Often even when dedicated bike lanes exist.

All times expecting the Pedestrian to give way to the Cyclist….

This behaviour used to be from a small monitory of Cyclist’s but since lockdowns, the sense of entitlement from them has grown. I would say at least 80% of Cyclists around here are dicks to Pedestrians.

The police don’t care. They let Cyclists get away with everything.

Published: 21st of February 2023

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