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A Rural Adventure Is the Best

Posted in: Matthew's Blog

View from the top of a hill of fields and small village settlements

On the internet, you will see many people exploring trendy urban cities (travel YouTube Channels) or abandoned and derelict post-industrial sites (Urbex). I think that has left the countryside to be underappreciated.

The countryside represents a more “laid-back” type of adventure. One instead of worrying about angry chavs, druggies or aggressive security. You may not see the ruins of a post-industrial community, but the lower risks from the above-mentioned people and the far calmer atmosphere of the countryside makes for a much better overall experience.

The urban vloggers are there to cater to an adrenaline rush, not there for a real adventure. Maybe soon I will blog about the interesting things I find on my adventures?

Published: 15th of January 2023

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