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#blacklivesmatter don’t understand statistics

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  This post I have been putting off for a very long time but I can’t take all the nonsense that black lives matter and the media have been saying about how black people are killed at higher rates than other races without calculating all the factors involved that could cause more black people to be killed including higher crime rates and high rates of poverty.

So in this post I will go over those factors the media and black lives matter do not cover in hope this can be used to get a real change in the black communities rather than calling all black people victims.

Representation of crime committed by black people compared to black people shot and killed by police

In explaining why more black people are shot by police we need to understand and accept some facts otherwise the issues black people face will never be solved and black live matter is barking up the wrong tree.

So looking at statistics, we learn the following things:

1.The black population is 12.2% (Citation 1)

2.The black population commits 27.8% of crime (Citation 2)

3.The black population commits 37.7% of violent crime (Citation 2)

So with that in mind, the amount of black people who are shot dead by police is around 26% (Citation 3)

That is an under-representation of between 1.8% to 11.7% in the amount of arrests compared to the amount of people shot dead meaning they is no issue of black people being killed more than white people making blacklivesmatter a complete waste of time that does not deal with the real issues like why the crime rate is so high.

What is the reasons for this high crime rate

They are a few things contribute to this but the biggest one is the high poverty rate of 26.2% of all black people compared to 10.1% of the white population (Citation 4).

The gang membership of black people is 31% compared to 13% (Citation 5) also increasing crimes rates in those areas, but we be mostly talking about poverty as this was leads to both issues.

 The most dangerous city in the USA is East St. Louis, IL (Citation 6), it has and average income of $18,236 (Citation 7) compared to an average in the USA of $44,569 (Citation 8), As you can the less see the more poverty they is the more crime comes to that area leading to a circle of crime and fewer jobs as companies won’t want to be shot up leading to fewer jobs and round the same issues forever.

potential solutions for the high crime rates

My opinion is that the following can be done to reduce the crime rate is the high-crime areas poor black people unfortunately live in:

Any way I hope that the advice I have in the blog post will help in reducing issues in the black communities in the USA and hopefully be a much better solution than the violence and heavy anti-police bias of black live matter.

Photo’s used in top image:

Black Lives Matter protest march by Fibonacci Blue

Black Lives Matter protest against St. Paul police brutality by Fibonacci Blue

Published: 5th of August 2016

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