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BBC Discriminating Against Straight White Males

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Why would you employ someone based on skills, why not employ based on arbitrary things like gender, skin colour and sexuality?

Well, if you are the BBC, skills do not really matter as that is a right wing thought and that forcing diversity quotas is somehow going to produce any good programs at all and will not end up with quality going to shit because they did not employ the right people for the job.

A comic with five panels, the first four are place in grids of two's with the finel panel being below them. The panel on the top repersents a male with text, 'I have worked for 10 years for aanother TV company making popular programs'. The panel next to that repersents a female with text 'I never worked before but i am a female.'. the panel below them show creud  dreawing of genitals. The finel panel shows a boss and the female in room with desk with a speech bubble from the boss with text 'Well as you have a vegina you get the job as we have to employ more women accorrding to our diversity quota even tho you have no experience of this type of work.'.

The only way to the BBC to do what it wants it to discriminate against straight white able-bodied men aka all this is, is discrimination that they are trying to claim is good because it only discriminates against a majority.

This means that BBC has become a part of the Regressive left and should not be trusted to keep political neutral as they want to pass a narrative that only the minorities matter and in doing so means they will be doing discrimination themselves and no it is not different just because the person is part of a curtain group.

And the worst part is if you watch live TV you are forced to pay for this fucking madness.

The BBC should be private where it can enjoy its communist principles without forcing people to pay for something they dislike.


I fucking hate the BBC..

Edit: Here is the daily mail link just to annoy the far left

Published: 27th of April 2016

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