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Crying babies in shops

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Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction.

If there is a thing that fucking annoys me when I go shopping it is crying babies.

The worst is when there are parents who ignore the crying of the baby, not only making shopping unconformable for the people shopping but also ignoring any needs the baby might have.

But of course you also have parents who think fucking shouting and screaming at their babies will somehow stop them from crying.

The thing I noticed is that people appear to not find it strange that a 30 something year old is verbally abusive to a 1-year-old and that type of thing allows the parents to get away with worse and worse things (Including physical things that would get you arrested if you did it to an adult).  

Advice to parents:

If your baby is crying, ask a shop assistant or a manager to look after the trolley so you can take them outside to calm down.

Published: 16th of May 2016

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