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Website plans for 2022 (part 1)

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Today marks the start of a new year, a chance to start new things and reorganise existing projects.

This website has been semi-neglected by me for the past 5-years, with me only posting a few new posts a year, since then. In terms of relevance, this website is a “shell” of what it was back in 2016, when I would publish new content every few days or weeks.

That massive slow down in me posting new content, steams from me losing motivation to go though the effort to create content for a website whose user experience I was never happy with. A combination of strange categorizations and nonsensical navigation, led to a website that was both annoying to visit and to write content for.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided these issues had to be addressed.

The first issue that I tackled was navigation. The most oblivious change the average user will notice is that below the website icon is a new “you are here” section. This allows that user the navigate, not only to the home-page but also to the index of the current category for which the current article being read resides in.

Yes finally, someone who enjoys a blog post and wants to read more like it, can easily find other similar on this website.

I have made fully custom category index pages for both blog and technology related posts. I am still deciding what to do with the other remaining categories (I will most likely merge most other posts with the two mentioned categories to simplify things further).

I will also add a new category within the next few weeks called “Autism Spectrum Datagram”. This will cover a variety of subject related to the Autism spectrum, from a point of view who is on the spectrum and also knows others on the spectrum as well.

Unlike other blogs that cover the Autism Spectrum I know people from all across the spectrum, not just the highest functioning Aspies with, a job, family and who was diagnosed only in adulthood (yes, I am calling out a majority of Autism-related blogs).

I also have some other plans for this website in the upcoming year, including;

I hope everyone a good 2022 and will post updates about the progress towards this years goals for this website, throughout the year.

Published: 1st of January 2022

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