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Date Published: Dec 16, 2020

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WorldofMatthew is something of an unique website, many personal websites just offer a heavily opinionated blog. WorldofMatthew has many articles covering a range of (admittedly, mainly related to technology) topics that I find interesting enough to write about.

As not everyone will be interested in every topic covered on this website, below you will find links that will redirect the reader to the topic that he/she finds interesting.

Blog The Blog section is pretty self-explanatory. It is the area of the website that hosts more informal content, mainly covering topics relating personally to me. Basically, opinionated content and updates to happening in my life.
Technology The Technology section covers what is a special interest of mine. It has been a topic I have been following closely, since I was ten-years old. This section of the website mainly covers the topic of technology in a more nerdy way than other blogs do. Aka, this section is more about the niche side of technology, rather than covering the latest hipster iPhone announcement.
Gaming The Gaming section is the one of the least written parts of this website. This section is designed as a place for detailed breakdowns into video games are a lot of them are massively overrated.
Tutorial's The Tutorials section is a part of the website where you can find instructions to follow. These tutorials almost exclusively pertain to the use of software.
Review's The Reviews section is of course the place where I post reviews. Basically, think opinion pieces but with thoughts on a product, rather than on someone’s ideas.
Scam's The Scams section covers the many scams that are present in both retail and internet business. The difference between the articles written by me and the mainstream media is that I don’t treat retail businesses with “kids gloves “, unlike many media outlets who hate on the internet because it is hurting their sales.
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