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Free Remastered Public Domain Audiobooks

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Audiobooks are fantastic. They allow people to experience a story without having to dedicate time from other tasks. They are also useful if you want something to listen to while going to sleep.

Even though audiobooks are fantastic, there pricing is not. This is where free public domain audiobooks come into their own.

The problem with many of the public domain audiobooks is that the production quality is often awful. The production issues range from relatively minor things like uneven sound levels to things as experience destroying like a high level of noise.

Below are some free audiobooks from public domain sources that have been remastered by me to fix production issues and improve sound quality.

Recommended free Android APP for playing Opus encoded audiobooks; Voice Audiobook Player.

General Non-Fiction:

Cottage Economy

Audiobook Length: 5 Hours 48 Minutes (approximately)

Audiobook Source: LibriVox

Download: 32Kbits (OPUS)

Cottage Economy is a non-fiction book written in 1822 by William Cobbett. The book gives general tips and advice for being a rural labourer.

Unknown London

Audiobook Length: 6 Hours 23 Minutes (approximately)

Audiobook Source: LibriVox

Download: 32Kbits (OPUS)

Unknown London is a non-fiction book, written by Walter George Bell, published in 1920. The book serves to teach people about the hidden location around the City of London that could be visited for free (remember this book is from 1920, so this information will be outdated).

The Dancing Mania

Audiobook Length: 3 Hours 1 Minute (approximately)

Audiobook Source: LibriVox

Download: 32Kbits (OPUS)

The Dancing Mania was a non-fiction story, released as part of a two-in-one combined book (the other story being about the black death) in 1888. The book goes over the numerous theories of what caused the dancing manias that plagued parts of Europe between the 14th and 17th century.

Note: As this book was published over 100 years, the scientific accuracy may not be as good as modern books.

General Fiction:

The Stolen White Elephant

Audiobook Length: 38 Minutes (approximately)

Audiobook Source: LibriVox

Download: 32Kbits (OPUS)

The Stolen White Elephant is a short story, written by Mark Twain and published in 1882. The story follows the mystery of a white elephant that was gifted to the Queen but goes missing on its journey from Siam to the UK.

White Tail the Deer’s Adventures

Audiobook Length: 2 Hours 25 Minutes (approximately)

Audiobook Source: LibriVox

Download: 32Kbits (OPUS)

White Tail the deer’s adventures is a fictional book written by George Ethelbert Walsh and published in 1922.

The story is about a dear called White Tail who goes on adventures with his rival. He has to be wary of and stay away from certain predators if he wants to follow in his fathers “hoofsteps”.

Published: 20th of November 2019

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