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15 Mar 8 More Years of British Censorship
14 Mar 8 Years and Counting.
21 Feb Cyclists Are the Worst. A Perspective From a Pedestrian.
09 Feb The Anti-competitive Practices of Google Bard
03 Feb Migrated Web Hosts
01 Feb Anker Soundcore Mini -- Review After (Nearly) 4 Years of Use.
31 Jan Using platforms encourages internet censorship
30 Jan What comes next for websites, after the effective 'death of Google'
29 Jan To Write Shorter Blog posts
29 Jan Use socks5h, not socks5 when using newsboat with Tor
28 Jan The Lifestyle Creep's
15 Jan A Rural Adventure Is the Best


31 Dec For 2023
04 Oct ​The Deception of “Buying” Digital Movies
22 Jul ​The M247/DataPacket Problem With Mullvad VPN
03 Mar My YouTube Journey Comes to an End (Next Few-Weeks)
19 Feb AYA NEO Pro is not the future of Handhold Gaming
08 Jan Enable Javascript to View This Image
04 Jan The Spooky introduction to The Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion
03 Jan Installing shadowsocks on a NAT VPS
02 Jan Don’t make the mistake of signing up for random websites
01 Jan Website plans for 2022 (part 1)


22 Nov Changelog
02 Oct The 376 Spam Emails Deadline Hollywood Sent in Less than 2 Weeks
21 Aug Privacy Policy
04 Jul Building a website without becoming a ‘soydev’
13 Apr A Starbucks 'Pumpkin Spice Latte' or plant 50 Trees?
10 Apr The Rigged Game of 'Build Your Own DDOS Protection'
21 Jan A Paywall Is Not Acceptable to Revoke SSL - a Response to Pro-CF Comments
20 Jan The Irrevocable SSL certificates of CloudFlare
11 Jan #Teamtrees: A Wasted Opportunity


16 Dec Blog and Articles
14 Dec Don’t Give Your Content Away for Free to Tech Giants
09 Dec The Advantages of Piracy (for consumers)
09 Aug My Tor Nodes
01 Aug Use Tor for privacy and VPN for downloading Linux Iso's
19 Jul The German Problem with Tor
07 Jul Ultra Cheap VPS hosts for Tor Bridges
06 Jul Webhosts for Tor Relays Who Are Not; OVH, Hetzner or Scaleway
13 Jun Avoid using OVH, Hetzner or Scaleway for your Tor relay
20 May Create Your Own Darknet Website in Just 5 Minutes
13 May The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Used Old PC Games
02 Mar The Autism Supremacy Idea is misguided and Dangerous


10 Dec Encoding Audiobooks with Opus
20 Nov Free Audiobooks for Children
20 Nov Free Remastered Public Domain Audiobooks
20 Nov How to Play .opus Audiobooks on Android
04 Nov InnoHosting: Fraudulent Bait-and-Switch WebHosting
16 Oct The Fake 1080P Action Camera Being Sold by Argos
24 Sep Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Static Websites
24 Sep The Boring Summit of Mount Chiliad
14 Sep MikeyFnBrennan: Fortnite Livestream V-Bucks Giveaway Scam
05 Sep EaseUS: Special Offer with Fake Countdown Timer
04 Sep Trustpilot. A Tech Support Scammers Best Friend 
27 Aug Acuta Technologies: Tech Support Scammers who Pretend to be Visa
20 Aug Pale Moon hacked due to Crybaby admin who can't secure a Windows Install
06 Aug Scambaiting #1: Joining the Illuminati
11 Jul The Many Problems with Librivox
28 Jun How to Add an Anycast IP to Your BuyVM Slice
16 Jun How Last Minute Changes to AlphaRacks Privacy Policy Screwed Customers
16 Jun Is TelerainMD/ a Scam?
15 Jun Warning: PSK Hosting Illegally Using Alpharacks Customers Personal Data
05 Jun DDOS Attacker: Henry Shepherd/LI Brakework/libw.h_blocks
05 Jun Why the Opus Codec Is Perfect for Audiobook Lovers
03 Jun Cloudatcost and Their Bait-and-Switch Scam “Lifetime” VPS
28 May How to Solve “Microphone Audio” Only Coming out Left Channel in Cakewalk by BandLab?
24 May Why are there so many Ponzi schemes in cryptocurrencies?
16 May The Inefficient Websites, That Make up the Internet
16 May Small Businesses Need to Stop Using WordPress
12 May The Tor Network Urgently Needs More Relay Diversity
25 Feb Opinion: The truth to why there will not be an advert free internet
28 Jan The real dangers of internet centralization
19 Jan The GIF Inefficiency of Cloudflare
17 Jan The New Blog
17 Jan The Worst Lapel/Lavalier Microphone Ever (ISSLM01U)


18 Mar Quorn Cocktail Sausages Review – A Meat Eaters Perceptive


11 Nov Why You Should Do Denoising On Your Videos
11 Nov Parents, Stop Being Lazy And Start Being Parents
11 Nov Skyscraper Articles and How Google Ruined Niche Search Results
11 Nov Stop It With The Copy And Paste New Build Homes
11 Nov Where is the individuality in modern website design?
11 Nov Why The Internet Of Things Should Never Be Mainstream
11 Nov WordPress Is Overkill For 99% Of Blogs
12 Aug Big Snack Chicken Burrito Wrap Review, Might Be The Worst Burrito Ever
11 Aug Heat Em Up Southern Fried Chicken And Chips Review
03 Apr Katie Price And Her Authoritarian Petition
05 Jan Schools, ransomware and shitty security


10 Dec Some issues I see with “hate speech laws”
09 Nov Victory For Donald J Trump
03 Nov Remainers Attempts To Undermine The Will Of The People #Brexit
28 Oct Petition Calling For A referendum to Vote Scotland out of the UK Now At Over 10,000 Signaturesk
27 Oct Pink News And Jeremy Corbyn Wants Identity Politics In The National Curriculum
25 Oct Scam Email Claiming To Not Be A Scam
25 Oct Some of male victims of domestic and sexual violence fund 2011 to 2013 was given to women services
24 Oct Scotland Just Get The Second Independence Referendum And Leave Please
23 Oct Don’t Reintroduce an early state pension scheme for women aged between 60 & 65
23 Oct Nigel Farage Did Not Mislead The Public
23 Oct Pro-Censorship Idiots: Stop The Free Distribution Of The Daily Mail At UK Airports
22 Oct Don’t Lower university fees down to £3,000
22 Oct Turing Bill Is A Useless Bill
21 Oct Pot Shot! Review (Shameless Pot Noodle Rip Off)
20 Oct Gary Lineker Using Ad Hominem Instead Of Real Arguments
20 Oct Scotland Please Leave The United Kingdom Already
19 Oct Jeremy Corbyn Doing More Identity Politics While His Party Dies
19 Oct Parents Should Not Kids Unless They Can Afford Them
27 Sep Fucking RAM
27 Sep Idiots Who Can’t Cook
12 Sep Nottinghamshire police “Misogyny Law” Response
29 Aug The Electoral Commission Anti-freespeech and Authoritarian
21 Aug Sexual Risk Orders are worse then useless (The case of John O’Neill)
10 Aug Re: Blacklivesmatter UK Shutdown
06 Aug 20 years old today
05 Aug #blacklivesmatter don’t understand statistics
04 Aug Rant about Jeremy Corbyn (ACTION TO SECURE AN EQUAL SOCIETY)
03 Aug No To Fat Acceptance
10 Jul Criticize blacklivesmatter and get racism back
03 Jul Lefties Protesting Against Democracy
28 Jun Rightscorp want to become judge jury and executioner
22 Jun Music industry being selfish twats
19 Jun Genital Mutilation Hypocrites
03 Jun Teddybear87 False DMCA
25 May Matt Hosseinzadeh suing h3h3Productions
18 May Maria Schneider encouraging copyright abuse #WTFU
16 May Crying babies in shops
15 May Debunking
11 May Reverse Racism And Creative Access
10 May Idiotic anti-vaxxers
27 Apr BBC Discriminating Against Straight White Males
26 Apr PETA are fucking hypocrites
16 Apr FAQ Crapness
15 Apr and doxing
13 Apr Fuck clickbait
10 Apr NoughtPointFourLIVE Clickbait
08 Apr Fucking spam email
05 Apr EEVBlog world's worst soldering iron
04 Apr Glasgow thought police
18 Jan Archived Video: CB Setup Question


16 Dec Archived Video: My Minecraft World
16 Nov Archived Video: CB inconsistent noise floor
15 Nov Archived Video: +30 CB FM noise floor
03 Nov Archived Video: Greece Skip on CB Radio
28 Oct ESA WRAG and the impending Trainwreck
24 Oct Archived Video: CB Set-Up Upgrade Planning
23 Oct Archived Video: CB Radio Noise Floor 27.385Mhz LSB
09 Sep Archived Video: No Skip on CB Radio
08 Sep Archived Video: CB Radio AM Signal Received on a FM radio
12 Aug Archived Video: Minecraft Server (WIP)
30 Jul Aurora master Wave Review
23 Jul Archived Video: Casio portable TV freeview upgrade (Casio TV-1800) part 1
27 Mar Globalsign – Good news for SuperCo, Ltd Customers
15 Mar UK and internet censorship
14 Mar My first post here


09 Apr About Hugo


31 Dec Archived Video: Let's Play Sim City 4 Episode 1: Very Good Start
22 Dec Archived Video: Let's Play Minecraft Episode 2: Fake Luck
21 Dec Archived Video: Let's Play Minecraft Episode 1: Trying to Remember the Lines
14 Dec Waiting for That Damm Secound CPU
14 Dec The Reasons Why I Did What I Did
13 Dec Current Progress
13 Dec The Reasons Why I Did What I Did
02 Oct Archived Video: Cambridge Regional College Speedtest
04 Sep Archived Video: Australia Worried About DSM-5 my Thoughts
03 Sep Archived Video: Nurotypical
07 Jul Archived Video: Norwich Lord Mayor’s Celebration 2012 Fireworks Show


17 May Archived Video: Minecraft: 3000 on SMP Server
21 Mar still slow
21 Mar why even slower internet speed
07 Mar slow internet 11:53

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